Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy (RTTEMA)


Academy's Philosophy

  • Humanity and democracy;
  • Internationalization of the study process and mobility;
  • Application and use of modern IT;
  • Creativity;
  • Integration of academic disciplines and practice;
  • Participation of students improving study programs.


The mission of RTTEMA is to offer and provide life-long learning in the accredited study programs of the academy and contribute considerably to the educational and cultural life of Latvia – both its regions and Riga. The Academy’s goal is to provide each student with an opportunity to acquire professional and academic higher education in the areas of pedagogy, psychology, business, and management, as well as motivation for professional life and constant self-improvement.


RTTEMA prepares teachers who are able to prepare pupils for life and work in the information society. The conceptual cornerstones of RTTEMA study process are intelligence, competence, and proficiency. Each study program enables our students to develop the necessary professional competencies.


RTTEMA is a conceptually and technically modern professional higher education institution (HEI) founded by the state. It started its work in 1994 with 1273 students and now is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Latvia in terms of the number of students. Notwithstanding its young age, RTTEMA inherited the traditions of the educational institutions for teachers dating back to 1946. RTTEMA was founded on the occasion of the merger of two institutions: Riga Teachers’ Institute and Imanta Teachers’ Institute.

RTTEMA Fact File


  • is a state higher education institution established in 1994;
  • educates more than 3,5 thousand students in full-time and part-time studies;
  • employs 160 lecturers and docents;
  • organizes international conferences;
  • publishes scientific articles;
  • implements projects of scientific research;
  • facilitates student and teacher international mobility;
  • is an active member of international organizations;
  • organizes guest lectures and master classes of prominent professionals;
  • offers 25 study programs at college, bachelors, masters and Ph.D. levels;
  • provides opportunities to acquire the professions of a teacher, educational manager, personnel, business, and office manager, career counselor, trade and marketing and PR specialist, obtain an education in the sphere of psychology.


Our Academy is a recognized university and international center of pedagogical research, with a campus and research basis, as well as affiliates in other countries.


The Academy has created a favorable environment characterized by humane values and relations. The activities of our staff are based on creative, equal in rights, responsible cooperation, and dialogue. The strategic aims of the coming years are:

  • to encourage the Academy’s continuing development by creative work;
  • to carry out research directed towards the development and implementation of the Academy’s conception and the perfection of the Latvian educational system;
  • to provide high-quality studies purposefully improving the methodological and technical provision of the study process;
  • to maintain regionalism – offer new possibilities of education to the inhabitants of Latvia close to their place of residence.

Academy's Intellectual Environment

  • Board of Professors in Pedagogy;
  • Pedagogic Scientific Institute;
  • Creativity Scientific Institute;
  • Child Language Research Center;
  • Psychological Research Institute;
  • Nature and Working Environment Institute;
  • Several methodic centers;
  • Young Teachers’ Club;
  • RTTEMA Centre for Further Education;
  • Library with stocks in 10 cities of Latvia.
  • Academy's Psychological Environment
  • Democratic and creative;
  • Favouring the identity of each individual;
  • Directed towards mutual cooperation.

Students' service and social life

Students are provided administrative support at International Office and social support at Students’ Parliament. Apart from these units students have an opportunity of involving themselves in the following cultural undertakings:

  • Mixed choir "Fortius";
  • Female Choir "Balta";
  • Chamber orchestra "Gaudeamus Orchestra";
  • Big band;
  • Sports club;
  • Folk Dance Group “Dejotprieks” (Joy of Dance).
  • Also, there are activities offered to Latvian exchange students via ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Riga.

Academy's Physical Environment

  • 3 buildings – 1 in Riga, 1 in Cesis and 1 in Kuldiga;
  • Students' café;
  • 2 sports halls, a stadium;
  • 2 computer rooms with Internet access;
  • gradually and regularly renovated study premises;
  • Provision of technical support (video cameras, OHPs, beamers, computers, microscopes etc. There is a free access to pianos, a digital organ, and a pipe organ).



Imantas 7. linija 1,
LV-1083 Riga, Latvia