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Since its inception in 1977, Qatar University (QU) continues to serve as Qatar’s primary institution of higher education and has become today a beacon of academic and research excellence in the region.

QU is committed to providing high-quality education in areas of national priority. Underpinning this commitment is the goal to align its colleges, programs, and courses with established international standards and best practices. As a result, QU has been successful in its accreditation initiatives, earning the endorsement of numerous leading international accrediting bodies.

QU hosts ten colleges -- College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); College of Business and Economics (CBE); College of Education (CED); College of Engineering (CENG); College of Health Sciences (CHS); College of Law (LAWC); College of Medicine (CMED); College of Pharmacy (CPH); College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (CSIS) and College of Dental Medicine (CDM).

QU offers the widest range of academic programs -- 45 Bachelors, 27 Masters, eight Ph.D. programs, four Diplomas, and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)-- in Qatar tailoring them to meet the needs of Qatari society.

Research is an integral part of the academic environment at QU and is bolstered by an ambitious five-year roadmap addressing national priorities and listing four priority research areas -- Energy, Environment and Resource Sustainability; Social Change and Identity; Population, Health, and Wellness; and Information, Communication and Technologies (ICT) -- a state-of-the-art Research Complex, and 14 research centers of excellence. It is further enhanced by over 400 collaborative projects in over 130 countries.

Community engagement is an area stationed at the heart of QU’s mission and vision. The University prides itself on the quality of its students and alumni and is committed to ensuring that campus life is an enriching environment for encouraging academic excellence, volunteerism, civic responsibility and leadership. Its Alumni Association brings together 47,000 alumni, current students, and Qatari society.

QU is advancing its goal to become a leader of economic and social development in Qatar through collaborations and partnerships with industry, government, academia, business, and civil society in Qatar and beyond.

University Students

QU’s diverse and lively student body of over 20000 is a testament to the potential of Qatar’s greatest future leaders, respected scholars, and inspired artisans.

In order to ensure students reach their full potential, they are presented with many unique opportunities and challenges. These include participation in Qatar’s top national competitions for grants, international conferences, exclusive study abroad and student exchange programs, and research positions.

In addition, all students are provided a wealth of resources to ensure their every requirement for success and exciting student life. These services include:

  • An award-winning campus, featuring beautiful architecture, easy travel and navigation, many quality-of-life conveniences, and more.
  • A state-of-the-art library, with an incredible selection of volumes, as well as numerous subscriptions to academic journals, and the ability to request new trials.
  • Cutting-edge software and communications tools for ease of access to course materials and their instructors.
  • Large and well-furnished men’s and women’s Student Activities Buildings, which offer an ideal place for students to meet, socialize, and network.
  • A Student Learning Support Center (SLSC), for course help and extracurricular workshops to enhance skills.
  • The Student Counseling Center (SCC); a top-class resource for students who wish to privately discuss important personal matters, including family planning, personal management, acclimating to university life, and anything else on their mind.
  • An impressive offering of cafeterias and dining options, catering to many individual tastes and health requirements.
  • University-sponsored events, trips, and activities, to enhance student life and also encourage meaningful social interaction with each other and faculty.

University Faculty & Staff

Qatar University proudly offers an extraordinary group of over 1,000 prestigious faculty, ranging from carefully selected international experts to Qatar’s own top national minds. Every faculty member is recognized for their experienced research and/or tireless dedication to students and is able to share a greater passion and insight into their field and how it can help apply to regional needs, as we pursue the National Vision.

Vision and Mission

Qatar University is an intellectual and scholarly community characterized by open discussion, the free exchange of ideas, respectful debate, and a commitment to rigorous inquiry.

All members of the University - faculty, staff, and students - are expected to advance the scholarly and social values embodied by the University.

Our vision

To be regionally recognized for distinctive excellence in education and research, an institution of choice for students and scholars and a catalyst for the sustainable socio-economic development of Qatar.

Our mission

Qatar University is the national institution of higher education in Qatar. It provides high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare competent graduates, destined to shape the future of Qatar. The university community has diverse and committed faculty who teach and conduct research, which addresses relevant local and regional challenges, advances knowledge, and contributes actively to the needs and aspirations of society.

Research Centers

As a premier national institution, QU continuously invests and participates in studies that further science and society. As both a leader in emerging gas technologies and an environmentally-conscious institution, QU’s autonomous research units strive to make an impact on a global scale. The University plans to utilize its findings to amass an intellectual reservoir that will establish a strong knowledge-based economy in Qatar.

Center for Advanced Materials (CAM)

The Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) was established in 2002. The CAM is dedicated to providing unique excellence in the field of material technologies. The Center offers knowledgeable assistance to local oil, gas and processing industries as well as the learning community in Qatar.

The mission of the Center is to enhance and support interdisciplinary research on materials science and engineering by conducting applied research projects and provide knowledge and experience that meet the needs of industry and society.

Environmental Science Center

The Environmental Science Center (ESC) was first established in 1980. Qatar has a rich marine cultural heritage and a bio-diverse environment. The mission of the ESC is to understand and protect this precious natural resource for the benefit of the Qatari people.

The ESC, as the premier environmental science research center in Qatar, will utilize state-of-the-art resources to conduct cutting-edge research in Marine Science (including physical & chemical oceanography, and marine biology); Atmospheric Science; and Earth & Terrestrial Sciences.

Gas Processing Center

The Gas Processing Center (GPC) was established in 2007. It is conceived to conduct research and development in areas pertinent to the consortium members and to provide pilot plants for scalable trials of numerous processes.

The mission of the Center is to address the problems, and challenges facing gas industries in Qatar and the region. GPC provides professional services and expertise and engages in multidisciplinary research with practical application to fulfill the needs of industry, academia, and community at large.

Laboratory Animal Research Center

LARC is the first of the vivarium of its kind in Qatar. It offers a valuable asset to scientists, Qatar University faculty and research students to encourage and assist their research activities and ensures humanely acquired and valid scientific data in the biomedical and medical fields including the study of biological processes, the investigation of the causes of diseases and the testing of new treatments and therapies.

The Center's mission is to provide quality animal husbandry and veterinary care to support the leading role of the University in education, and research as well as the local research community when it is possible.

Biomedical Research Center

The Biomedical Research Center (BRC) was established in September 2014. The Center is a culmination for the successful biomedical program that was established since 1984. The Biomedical program was the first of its kind outside the United States and was an important addition to support the College of Pharmacy and the newly established Faculty of Medicine at the university.

The Center's mission is to provide excellent research support for biomedical researchers within QU and Qatar through state-of-the-art facilities and highly competent personnel and foster collaborative research that advances the scientific inquiry and improves human health.

Other QU Research Centers

Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center

Road traffic accidents have major societal, health, environmental and economic impacts on Qatar's economy. The expected increase in population and special events that occur in Qatar on a regular basis have prompted the College of Engineering, Qatar University to establish a Road Safety Studies Center.

The mission of the center is to create and disseminate knowledge related to road safety and accident prevention by conducting studies, research and analysis and evaluation of road accidents in order to identify the root causes of accidents and critical factors that have a major effect on accidents reduction.

Social and Economic Survey Research Institute

SESRI was established in October 2008. SESRI's mission is to provide sound and reliable data to guide policy formulation, priority-setting, and evidence-based planning in the social and economic sectors.

The Institute's research agenda spans a wide range of substantive areas of importance to Qatari society, including labor and employment, modernization and shifts in social values, education, health, family structure, and the impact of social and traditional media.

KINDI Center for Computing Research

The KINDI Center facilitates and supports Computer and Information Science and Engineering research at Qatar University (QU). KINDI is an acronym for Knowledge Intelligence, Networked Data, and Interdisciplinary research, which are the focus research themes of the center.

The Center's mission is to serve Qatar and Qatar University community by promoting quality research programs in the vital area of computer and information sciences and engineering. KINDI is a framework to foster collaborative and multidisciplinary research, leverage existing local and international partnerships and provide supportive infrastructure.

National Center for Educational Development

Early Childhood Center

Humanities and Social Sciences Center

Center for Sustainable Development

Center for Entrepreneurship

Gulf Studies Center

Qatar Mobility Innovation Center

Center for Law and Development


Welcome to the career opportunities page at Qatar University. Through our dedicated tools, we are excited to share with you the latest job openings in our ever-expanding list of world-class academic programs, research centers, and departments.

The resources on this site will enable you to search our currently available positions by their respective college or office, and include advanced filtering options to ensure you find the career that’s right for you.


Located just north of the beautiful city of Doha, QU’s award-winning campus offers a breathtaking blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. Employees at the university have access to many brand-new, state-of-the-art classrooms and centers, elaborate and well-maintained facilities, and a continuously expanding list of respected academic programs. QU is a testament to Qatar’s continual place in the spotlight for its commitment to cultural and educational development.

Other exclusive benefits of QU employment include:

  • A supportive academic and social community, with a year-round schedule of engaging scholastic and cultural events.
  • A clear path to career advancement through the university’s personalized evaluations, ensuring members are encouraged to work to their strengths, and recognized for their achievements.
  • Access to an incredible assortment of academic libraries, professional tools, and cutting-edge IT resources.
  • Discounts on helpful professional and language courses from QU’s Continuing Education Office.
  • An administration that is committed to meaningful planning, transparency in policy and actions, and well-structured venues for feedback and communication.
  • An excellent employment package including a competitive salary; personal, academic, and national holidays; Qatari health insurance; children’s education allowance; housing availability; financial support options, and more.

Employee Life

For both Qataris and expatriates, life in Qatar means direct access and engagement with an incredible variety of cultural events, endless shopping opportunities at malls, markets, and boutiques, and a pristine coastline for beach and diving recreation.

As host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and in preparation for the Qatar National Vision 2030, Qatar now has more to offer than ever before, as a focus of unparalleled growth and international excitement.



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