About Us

Our task is to attract brilliant minds, advance the frontiers of knowledge, stimulate innovation and creativity and educate future leaders in all areas of education and industry

  • As recognized by the University Grants Commission under the Universities Act, the SLIIT was established in 1999 to educate and train IT professionals.
  • In the past decade, SLIIT Computing together with the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) has become one of Sri Lanka’s leading private institutions of eminence dedicated to serving the nation, and beyond.

Enrollment and Student Service

If you need help in applying to study at SLIIT Computing, need more information or have any questions about your enrolment – we’re here to help. Get in touch with SLIIT Computing Academic Affairs division. We’ll help you with anything you need. We provide information, advice, and guidance on a range of issues: academic, enrollment, financial, career, extracurricular activities. If you need any services, we are situated on the 13th floor of the Metro Campus. We have range of contacts for your convenience

Student Information

Students have issued a student handbook on enrollment. Students have issued module information at the first taught session for each module concerned to include module learning outcomes, teaching schedule, reading lists and assessment requirements (tasks, assessment length, hand in arrangements) The coordinator is maintaining regular contact with module leaders to ensure the smooth administration of the course.

Student Life

As a SLIIT Computing student, you’ll be joining a dynamic, exciting and diverse community, where you’ll meet new people, develop lifelong skills and receive support to succeed at university and beyond. SLIIT Computing students are here for a reason – and if you become one, not only will you be studying at most contemporary and innovative institute, you’ll also have endless opportunities to make your mark, participate in university life, enjoy your time, and forge an exciting and dynamic career.

SLIIT Com Interactive Club (SCOM-IC)

SLIIT Com Interactive Club (SCOM-IC) established in 2010 is the Student Interactive Society that represents the entire B.Sc. in Information Technology student population. This was established to promote the B.Sc. in Information Technology degree program alongside with SLIIT to the industry with the objectives

  • Promote the B.Sc. in Information Technology degree program alongside with SLIIT to the industry.
  • Share knowledge and resources among the students and experts in the industry.
  • Introduce the latest trends and technologies in related fields.
  • Impart the necessary soft skills required to successfully face the competitive atmosphere in today’s job market
  • To promote and organize cultural and social activities.



SLIIT Computing

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