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As one of the youngest universities in Sweden, we hope to be more adventurous in challenging the established and exploring the unknown.

Our ambition is to contribute to the development of knowledge at international, regional and individual levels. Thanks to our openness, creativity and multidisciplinarity, we have already attained a significant level of academic achievement. All our education and research is underpinned by a close dialogue with private companies and public organisations. Not least, we can also offer one of the most inspirational university environments in the country.

The sun is the symbol of the University. The sun provides light and represents life, warmth and energy, It is associated with enlightenment and growth, just like Karlstad University.

The main aim of Karlstad University is to provide broad-based, multidisciplinary programmes for students in Sweden and visiting students from abroad while developing strong areas of research.

The University is located on one campus offering a modern and stimulating environment. The architecturally inspiring library lies at the heart of the campus providing a much-appreciated study environment for about 12,500 students. In 2009, a new exciting building, Vänern, was inaugurated which reflects our high ambitions for education and research. The University also has a campus in Arvika, about 90 km from Karlstad, where the Ingesund School of Music with its 300 students is located.

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Karlstad University

Students on this programme develop skills to carry out a wide range of tasks, such as adapting and purchasing enterprise systems ... [+]

BSc in IT Design: Broad Curricular Base

Students on this programme develop skills to carry out a wide range of tasks, such as adapting and purchasing enterprise systems and developing advanced programmes to suit a growing industry. Most businesses today use some form of IT-systems. The application, development, and integration of these, often complex, systems require the assistance of a specialist in IT-Design. The IT design programmes offer flexible study opportunities. This programme offers a broad curricular base for all students before they choose one of three majors: Enterprise Systems and Economy, Software Design or Information Systems Design. If you choose the broad curricular base pathway, you can choose your area of specialization later. The aim of the programme is to provide a platform and useful knowledge for the IT field and employment that is both stimulating and challenging. The IT-Design programme offers great opportunities to establish contacts with local businesses. It prepares for a future in the IT industry.... [-]

Sweden Karlstad
September 2020
Full time
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