Istanbul Sehir University



İstanbul Şehir University, a non-profit, state recognized higher education institution established by the Foundation for Sciences and Arts (BSV) in 2008. Its founder BSV is a renowned NGO functioning for more than 25 years in the field of social sciences, organizing many international and national academic activities and free seminars in related areas.

ŞEHİR is located in İstanbul, at the crossroad at the civilizations, with its three campuses in walking distance to each other. As a university with a total student population of 6000, more than 800 of its currently enrolled students are from more than 84 different countries.


Top 3 reasons to study here

  • An international research university which excels also in teaching
  • Centrally Located Green Campus
  • Exchange study and internship opportunities abroad


ŞEHİR rose with an academic pursuit which has directed the Foundation for Sciences and Arts since 1986. ŞEHİR took the road as a real foundation university and gained institutional identity in May 2008. Under the leadership of “Research-Development Group” which gathered a strong, young and dynamic academic community, discussions were brought up relating to the unique values that the University is to put forth in view of production and dissemination of information.


By force of our founding mission and vision of İstanbul Şehir University, the Core Curriculum of ŞEHİR undergraduate programs is an independent curriculum, designed according to the unique needs and conditions of today, directed towards helping students gain fundamental skills, which will enable them to understand the world within its own integrity and mobility, to look at the events from a broad perspective in a time-space context, to think right, systematically and consistently, and to express their thoughts in a meaningful frame, in their life after graduation, no matter what their discipline is. Through this approach, the Core Curriculum Program aims at helping students to gain critical and creative intellectual habits they will use all their lives, beyond improving their knowledge in various fields.


As an endowment organization, ŞEHİR envisions itself to become one of the prominent top-tier research and higher education institution to offer a unique combination of training in the areas of humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as engineering disciplines for the next generation of professionals and to-be-academics. ŞEHİR has established an array of cross-disciplinary departments and graduate schools with an integrated agenda of (re)search for true knowledge, innovation for sustainability and service for society. As part of its founding philosophy, ŞEHİR aims to direct its research efforts and investments with the fundamental objectives of generating intellectual property to solve current and prospective problems, and contributing to the progress of the society in general.


At the Dragos Campus, a female dormitory with a capacity of 540, and a male dormitory with a capacity of 720 are planned to meet the accommodation needs of our students. Dormitory buildings are located at a walking distance to the faculty buildings. All the rooms in our dormitories are for 3 people. In our dormitories, student rooms and common areas will be cleaned regularly and free internet access will be provided. There is a central kitchen for individual and common use for our students to prepare simple and practical dishes. There are common areas such as TV room, study rooms, laundry room, and prayer room. Students staying in the dormitories can use the study rooms to be located on the intermediate floors or they can use the central study hall to be located on the entrance floor. Priority in the dormitory placement is given to international students.




Orhantepe Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Bulvarı, No: 21, Dragos
34865 Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey