Brigham Young University - Idaho College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the departments, faculty, staff, and students uphold the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the University as we unitedly strive to provide quality educational programs and opportunities for students to serve positive and rewarding careers in areas associated with plants, animals, and human life throughout the world. Prepare graduates for lifelong learning and employment experience contributing to a safe, abundant food and fiber supply; promoting the well-being and health of individuals, families, and communities; enhancing the sustainability of agricultural and economic systems; and promoting wise and responsible stewardship of divinely endowed natural resources and biological (ecological) systems worldwide. Support and encourage our faculty, staff, and students to be anxiously engaged in a good cause and to do many things of their own free will, bringing to pass a righteous sociality on this campus and worldwide.



South Center Street,211
83460 Rexburg, Idaho, USA

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