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About DMAC

Founded over a decade ago, Digital Media Arts College (DMAC) is designed to mold your creativity and test your artistic skills as it readies you for an ever-changing industry where trends come and go and competition is steadily increasing. DMAC offers specialized Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Computer Animation (available with a concentration in Game Art) and Graphic Design (available with a concentration in Advertising Design), Bachelor of Science degree in Web Design and Development (available with a concentration in Programming), Associate of Science degrees in Graphic Design and Multimedia Design as well as Professional Certificates. At the graduate-level, DMAC offers Master of Fine Arts degrees in Visual Effects Animation and Graphic & Web Design as well as Master of Science in Web Design & Technology. DMAC is an arts college that guides its students with expert instruction, technologies, and concepts; and provides them with career training, placement assistance, and an environment that cultivates freethinking and innovation.

Our Faculty

DMAC’s dedicated professors prepare their students to develop their artistic abilities and to channel their talents towards the pursuit of productive and successful careers once they leave art college. With small classes and a low student/teacher ratio, students at our art college enjoy close collaboration with experienced faculty mentors.

Our Campus

DMAC is an arts college that provides its students with a multitude of practical options to express their creativity while developing artistic fundamentals and learning current technological standards. Equipped with computer labs, render farm, a dialogue and foley sound recording room, and a motion capture and art studio with a chroma key green wall, our art college provides students with specialized training for a demanding marketplace.

Our Location

DMAC is a private, accredited arts college with a multi-cultural and diverse faculty and student body in the heart of South Florida. Metropolitan and cosmopolitan, South Florida is home to art festivals and gallery districts, television, film, and recording studios, video game development companies, and graphic design firms. The campus at DMAC provides for all of its students' creative needs with round-the-clock labs and essential amenities. Additionally, our art college is located in a corporate park, where it regularly exposes its students to the fast-paced professionalism of their future careers.


DMAC: A Lifetime of Real-World Learning At Digital Media Arts College (DMAC), digital arts is all we do! Our immersive environment prepares you for an exciting career in graphic design, computer animation, web design, or visual effects animation, supported by innovative technology and uniquely qualified faculty. 6 great reasons to choose DMAC: Pure Focus on Digital Arts

  • Adaptable curriculum keeps pace with current trends
  • A highly technical learning environment ensures achievement
  • A studio-like facility typifies the real-world workday
  • Awards - 36 ADDY's in 2013!
  • Faculty who work for Sony, Sega, Kodak and other top companies

Online Education:

  • Taught completely online
  • Progressive virtual classroom environment through Canvas
  • Uniquely qualified faculty
  • Flexibility to accommodate busy schedules
  • Courses available 24/7
  • Growing variety of courses and degree options

Small, Art-Enthused Campus:

  • A nurturing, student-centric setting
  • Conveniently close to art communities from Miami (South Beach) to West Palm Beach
  • A robust student life that encourages and rewards creativity
  • Small class sizes

Emphasis on Preparation:

  • Program development
  • Career assistance
  • Placement assistance

The Tools to Take on the World:

  • All the digital tools, software, and resources needed to work for an employer or start your own business

Continued Learning Support for a Lifetime:

  • Return to DMAC anytime post-graduation to audit courses, refresh your skills and stay connected, at no additional cost!

Mission Statement


  • Creative expression
  • Interdependence of technology, media, and entertainment
  • Student success
  • Diversity
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Academically credentialed and industry-focused faculty
  • Industry input
  • Cooperative team spirit
  • Globalization

Vision The Digital Media Arts College is an undergraduate and graduate degree-granting institution dedicated to domestic and international students whose professional goals include graduating from college with a career-focused education. The College will attract faculty with appropriate academic and industry credentials and teach an innovative curriculum. Mission DMAC is dedicated to providing career-focused undergraduate and graduate education that prepares students to excel in artistic expression and understand the interdependence of technology, media, and entertainment in a culturally diverse, global society.


Boca Raton

5400 Broken Sound Blvd NW
33487 Boca Raton, Florida, USA

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