Feather River College


Perched on a mountainside forested with pine and oak, Feather River College is tucked away in one of California's hidden, quiet spots. Bordering Plumas National Forest, the campus is more than 400 acres and hosts a variety of wildlife, including a resident deer herd. Students often stop in their tracks just to soak in a beautiful setting.

Far removed from the bustle of city life, the campus provides a sanctuary for self-discovery, study, and relaxation. Academic rigor is maintained in a friendly atmosphere by faculty and staff members dedicated to student growth and success. In addition to the classrooms and laboratories, the campus features unique facilities that include a trout hatchery and an equestrian center with horse boarding facilities. Feather River College is also known for its unique academic opportunities and successful athletic programs



Golden Eagle Avenue,570
95971 Quincy, California, USA

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