The teaching contents, the teachers, and the infrastructures have been validated and approved by the experts from the United Kingdom’s Greenwich University.

Graduated students will receive a Bachelor’s degree issued by Greenwich University, which has international credibility. With this qualification, students can continue their education to the Master or Doctor level in many different countries in the world.

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7 reasons why you should choose the University of Greenwich Vietnam

1. Learn in Vietnam – Receive UK Degree
The United Kingdom’s educational system is famous for its strict standards that exist to ensure it’s professionalism, practicality, and to help students adapt to the ever-demanding and changing needs of many professions nowadays. When choosing to enrol at the Vietnam Greenwich University, students will have the chance to get the best of what the UK’s educational system has to offer; and when they graduate, they will receive the Bachelor’s degree issued by the Greenwich University.

2. The OJT Special Internship Program
OJT ( On the job training) is a special internship program for senior students at various businesses of the Vietnam Greenwich University. This program is designed to provide students with 4 months of training which divided into 2 stages, the aim of OJT is to give students practical knowledge, it’s the opportunity to help students to experience working the professions of their choosing, to accumulate real working experiences which will aid their future careers post-graduation.

3. Job opportunities after graduation
Graduated students from the University of Greenwich in Vietnam will be welcomed to work at the FPT corporation, with 7 subsidiary companies, the staff of nearly 30,000 people, and hundreds of both Vietnamese and foreign affiliate businesses and corporations.

4. International learning environment
Vietnam Greenwich University always tries to provide the students with a comprehensive and complete educational environment, and also to give the students the values of professionalism. Students of the University of Greenwich in Vietnam will be learning in an environment similar to the one abroad because of the international curriculum, teachers, and students from many countries in the world.

5. The chance to study abroad
During their time studying at the University of Greenwich in Vietnam, the students will have the opportunity to experience different educational environments outside of Vietnam through many student exchanges, internship, conference programs, such as:

  • The chance to experience studying your major at the United Kingdom’s Greenwich University
  • The chance to experience the native life and culture of different countries

6. The chance to develop yourself with the chains of personal development programs (PDP)
Outside of the knowledge learned in classes, students will be well-rounded developed with the life skill and social skill training program, which includes classes focusing on skill development and many interesting activities.

7. The 1/10 cost compares to studying in England
If choosing the University of Greenwich in Vietnam, students will only have to pay 1/10 of the fee that they would, if they chose to study in England for the same Bachelor’s degree issued by Greenwich University.